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Our goals are. It is a matter of great happiness that the lack of system of higher education was in this rural area and it is in the forefront of perfection. In the past year, the students of the college have not only achieved remarkable success in the examinations.
But in addition to the curriculum activities, this postgraduate college's discipline, education test is excellent. With the flow of time, not only has the social environment changed, but the thinking of the younger generation has changed too.
| In this changing phase, this educational institution has kept its values ​​intact. A educational institution is not only the structure of the brick stones but it also has its moral and spiritual nature. This college is fully aware of this fact.
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I urge the youth of the country to rise from new zeal and take a pledge to build a better future. So that our nation can be alive, flowered and flourished. You are among the fortunate young people who have the opportunity to get higher education. You expect that you will contribute to improving and maintaining India. This is the "highest awakening attainable. "
So wake up and do not wait until you reach the floor.

Dear students, you do not have the opportunity for higher education. You can take advantage of this opportunity. You can find the best achievements of higher education. While being disciplined, you can glorify your parents, gurus and colleges by working hard with your great goal. I am in the best arrangements for your reading and I am an aspirant of all of you.
Dear students of the college, you have entered this new age of knowledge science. Your conscious And by the sensitive person you can play an effective role in this changing environment. Identify the hidden talent within and prove your superiority. By diligence, you can also achieve any unimportant goal. Finally, I wish you the best of your life and wish you all the best